Thursday, November 21, 2019
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Michaela Williams

Full Time Parent.

Michaela and Mike Williams

"I had been looking for a work opportunity for around 2 years, before joining the Pole Position Group. I needed something that was flexible enough to fit around my young children. Being a mum of two, I wanted to be there for the school run, after school activities, and school plays and events. I also needed to be local and have all of the school holidays off as I didn't have any other help with childcare. I don't know of any other opportunity that can provide this level of flexibility with this level of income. I am looking forward to spending more time building my business when both of my children are at school. That's what's so exciting, you can take this business as far as you want, there are no limits. My business has given me back my sense of achievement and confidence that has been lacking since having children and leaving the workplace. I would, and do, recommend it to anyone!"

Dean & Flora Copson

Retail Manager and HR Professional.

Dean & Flora Copson

"Although we both have good jobs and we were able to afford most things that we wanted, we still found that we had no money left at the end of the month. We only wanted to earn an extra £50 per week and we felt that most nights in front of the TV could be better spent. We came across this business and the Pole Position Group very much by chance and decided to give it a go. In the first 4 weeks in the business we had got back our initial investment and made a profit of over £250. We have steadily seen our business grow and we now regularly see our part time income exceed £1000 every four weeks. We are currently working the business very part time and we are working towards our goal of doing this on a full time basis. This opportunity has really allowed us to enjoy some great holidays and make some fantastic friends. With a bit of hard work and determination any one can succeed."

Andy & Claire Stephenson

Founders of the Pole Position Group. Ex-Corporate Stockbroker and Ex-Secretary. Winners of a Mini Cooper.

Andy & Claire Stephenson

"Claire and I became disillusioned with the stresses and strains of working for a boss in a high-pressured environment. We got started in this business so that we could pay our mortgage after I decided to quit the rat race. We were delighted when we recovered our small initial investment at the end of our first week! We now work with a fantastic group of people and our lifestyle has changed beyond belief, just by showing other people how they can make money too! This is a business that rewards effort and we have been treated to eleven all-expenses paid luxurious overseas trips with various members of our team. Our group's achievements have been recognised by winning the coveted Executive Distributor Challenge Cup and the Top Qualifier award. We are living proof that anyone can succeed in this business."

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We work in association with a major British company with a track record spanning more than 90 years, and which is a founder member of the Direct Selling Association. Our parent is an international company headquartered in Dallas, Texas and listed on the New York Stock Exchange. We are regulated by Law and we are not permitted to make false claims or exaggerations, especially with regard to incomes and turnovers. If you need more proof, just ask!